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Starting a Deed Chain is simple and rewarding. After you’ve ordered your keychains and activated them, wait for an opportunity to help someone in need and then give them the keychain as a token for them to “pay it forward” and pass on the love.

The more keychains you give out the more good deeds will be paid forward. Not everyone reports their good deeds on the site, so it’s good to have a couple keychains to start with for best results. The website will notify you via email of any new good deeds that have been submitted using your keychain and allow you to connect and make new friends with the people who’s lives you’ve impacted!

Step 1 – Purchase a Keychain Pack

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Step 2 – Activate your Keychains

Your keychains will be shipped to you super fast. Once they arrive, all you have to do is activate them on the website so they are connected to your account. Once a Deed Chain is activated you can add a custom message, change the banner image, and add a link to your website even! (example page)
Once you have your Deed Chain page setup it’s now time for the fun part…

Step 3 – Do your first Good Deed!

Go out and do a good deed for someone. All you have to do is be aware and look for an opportunity to help someone in need. You could help someone with a flat tire, rake someone’s lawn, help carry someone’s groceries, or give someone a gift. Just do something out of the ordinary to help someone else. Instead of asking for anything in return, give them your Deed Chain keychain and encourage them to submit the good deed on the website before passing it on.

Change the World Together

Our mission is no less than to change the world. We believe that through encouraging more random acts of kindness we can help create a more caring and thoughtful world. We were founded with the purpose of helping people remember the good that’s all around them and that’s why a portion of our profit is allocated for our main purpose of bringing awareness to and curing alzheimer’s disease.

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